Our Story

Our Story

Jenny Gigliotti  Director & Creator

Jenny Gigliotti
Director & Creator

With over 25 years experience in the hospitality and catering industry, Director and Creator, Jenny Gigliotti knows about delivering excellence and defines “the best” as attention to detail and quality of product.

I call myself the accidental business woman, as I began making rocky road using leftover easter eggs donated by our school community to make rocky road for the school mothers day stall. Praise for this homemade version of the rocky road was overwhelming - it was just “So Moorish”!

So after identifying that there was a gap in the market for a high quality  version of the chocolate treat, I set out to research perfectly balanced flavour profiles, while sourcing the best quality, local and imported ingredients.

In 2012, no longer using left over Easter eggs, instead using the finest couverture chocolate, I began producing rocky road for commercial use from my home kitchen. As demand increased we moved from home to a local production kitchen, now employing five staff.

Wanting both children and adults to enjoy every bite of this very special treat, the So Moorish Rocky Road range has evolved with both the classic tastes, as well as new, limited edition varieties which will leave you simply wanting more!

Our success has come from having 8 individual flavours such as our award winning Raspberry and Shortbread and Turkish Delight Rocky Road. Our range has expanded to new products such as Gravel Road, Rocky Road Cakes and 1 kg Gift Boxes.

We recognize that the school community was our first consumer market, and so continue to give back through regular fundraising and charity events. We have also extended this to other local causes. Our business success continues to increase as we supply both local and interstate markets, and most recently exploring overseas opportunities.

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The inspiration behind our logo was the lively and exciting flavour combinations that our products offer ...